Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sometimes I Lie to Myself

Our Nation's Supreme Court..I think
Yep, I said it. Sometimes, out of self preservation, I lie to myself. I lie so that I can feel better about a certain thing, or in order to get my way, or just because. And sometimes I do it accidentally.

Like the time(s) that I said that I hated my period, and that I wished that it would go away and never come back. Yeah, that was a lie. I mean at the time I said it though, I was bloated, and in pain. My lower abdomen felt like like little elves were jumping up and down on my ovaries using pitchforks. And worse, whenever I found a comfortable position, finally, I'd have to get back up and change my mini diaper for women or tampon because I was continuously leaking blood like a bad faucet.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Stuck in the umbrella
I've been thinking about a lot of different things lately and I realized that I haven't told a good story in a while...not that this is a good story. But It Is A story. So, you'll get to hear it.

I thought about it, when I got caught on the street in the middle of a rain storm with no umbrella. I mean one should always be prepared for the unexpected right? Right. Well that brought me back to a day in college when the powers that be decided to hand out condoms to everyone during our 12 o'clock lunch break in the school's courtyard. You're wondering how in the world the a rain storm and condoms can ever be connected...wait for it....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Remain a Virgin??

So, I was looking for something to write about and I googled "remain Virgin" and I got this wiki article that had me agreeing and scratching my head at the same time.

I mean for a teenager who is having a hard time it's a great article. I mean I agreed with everything...until I saw under "warnings" -
Don't publish that you're a virgin. Virginity is a personal thing and should only be disclosed to people you completely trust. You can be made fun of if you're not careful. You need to trust the person before telling them. If he/she has earned your trust then, and only then can you proceed.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book of This Month

In lew of my added section on some of my favorite books, I'm adding this just as something for those who would like a nice book that affirms them as females and can help explain, we of the deeper waters to men.

It's called Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge.
It is a Christian based book, but I think the beauty that it gives permission for women to unleash is astounding. This book literally changed the way I viewed myself in this whole realm of this world. It was like the best unlocking of the Truth of my soul that anyone has ever given me. I was set wonderful and wondrously made individual that God set on this Earth. I became unashamed of my tears, of my fears and of my desires. But that is just me. This book is, after all, an interpretation of the Truth of the Holy Bible, it may not speak to you the way it did to me, but I dearly hope that it would and will.

Let me know if you've read this before, or if you have other books that lift your spirits!!

Re: Single, Saved and Sexin'

So, today I found a link to a very disturbing article about having sex AND being saved from one of my new favorite online magazines; So Divine Magazine. The link was actually on their Facebook site, but I'll provide the link here. The name of the article says enough, but the comments, and the article itself is what literally had me mad...and then sad.

Mad, because, once again, now I'm going to be placed in the same boat as this woman at some point, by some man who believes that evolution will eventually lead me to understand that my God of the Bible is obsolete. But more than that, because I know that I am going to get hated on by those who believe that this article actually sets women free...instead of binding her even further.

Sad, because, the Truth has once again been subverted. I can understand why, when looking at society, but the thing is, is that either a thing IS or is NOT the Truth. And even if we hate the way it is told to us or by whom it is told...the Truth is still the Truth. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chivalry is Dying Needlessly

This is yet another response to my cousin ABCiE...I'm getting tired of these by the way!!!!!!!! LOL. Not really though. She wrote this article and this article and this is my answer to both, because to me both go in the same realm.

I'd say that I am going to tread lightly...but I don't think I can logically do so, because the problem as I see it is an unintended response to women becoming more independent. You know the whole "I am woman Hear me Roar" sort of thing. I will NOT say that Feminism is the cause, because I think the word gets over used and is vastly misunderstood. But the Destiny's Child Independent Woman, IS the unintentional problem.