Wednesday, September 24, 2014

AJ & Starla Chapman - My Take
I realize I'm not a little late....I'm A LOT late to this story, but I believe my take on it is still something I want to give.

As background, I suggest you read or watch the story of AJ McCarron & Starla Chapman if you don't know this story already, because I really don't want to regurgitate their story, which is an awesome one no less, but add my little tidbit on it.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Christianity, Ferguson, America & Me

Over the past couple of months, my world has been halted and turned into a nightmare by events that have taken place in my beloved Country.

From Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Dillon Taylor, Charles Smith, John Crawford and Eric Garner, the blood of those who should still be alive have practically been screaming non-stop in my head....probably because of Twitter, but that's another story.

Throughout all of this, my biggest disappointment has been in the silence of those who seemingly have the power to change or at least call for substantial change in this country. The Christian Church.