Friday, September 19, 2014

Christianity, Ferguson, America & Me

Over the past couple of months, my world has been halted and turned into a nightmare by events that have taken place in my beloved Country.

From Mike Brown, Ezell Ford, Dillon Taylor, Charles Smith, John Crawford and Eric Garner, the blood of those who should still be alive have practically been screaming non-stop in my head....probably because of Twitter, but that's another story.

Throughout all of this, my biggest disappointment has been in the silence of those who seemingly have the power to change or at least call for substantial change in this country. The Christian Church.

Both from Black Mega Churches, to White Churches, I have barely heard any noise from this sector, and as a Christian, this pisses me off.

(To be fair there has been some noise...but nor nearly as much as when the Air Force decided to drop "so help me God", from their enlistment oath.)

I won't stick too long on my pissivity with the Black Church, because in all reality they have much larger issues to deal with, like the twisting of God's Word into prosperity teaching so that the pastor can have a big house and private jet....I wish there were emoticons on Blogger because I really want my *side-eye* emoji right now!

These teachings have pushed out many young people and even more men from the Church, who see the lies and hypocrisy of this teaching, and so in reality there really isn't anyone left in the Black Church to stand up and do anything. Those that have been left in the pews were marching with Dr. King, and don't intend on unpacking their marching shoes again unless they are forced to.

So this leaves me with the White Christian Church. The ones who support Focus on the Family and Voice of the Martyrs. The ones who vote Republican because they want to see smaller government all around. This group, I am most pissed at because when the moment came to be able to make a stand for those beliefs across the board, as many have claimed they vote for, they let the moment pass them by instead.

When Civil Liberties were being squashed all around Ferguson, you stuck to Fox News and focused on the brief looting, and condemned the people for the actions of a few. Never mind the looting that began this Nation in the Boston Harbor however many years ago. In this, you stood by and stayed silent, or worse you used the Bible, the Book of Love....for God is Love, to rain down further oppression on a people whom you couldn't and it seems refuse to understand.

And I say all of this, because I have heard of this huge threat called ISIS. I don't pay them much mind, why? Because like Rome and Imperial Russia, the U.S. was and is never going to be destroyed from an outsider. This Country will fall from being splintered from within. And ignoring the pleas of those who are oppressed around you is generally the first step.

Moral of Story:
Black Church Leaders....The TRUTH will set us all free, God never promised leisure in this lifetime, in fact He said we would all suffer like Him because of His Name. We are to be IN this world not Of it.

White Church Leaders....The TRUTH will set you free. Either you DO or do NOT believe that God created us all, and that our call was to serve the oppressed & to Love our Enemies and our Neighbors. The People of Ferguson are either one or the other... 

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