Monday, November 4, 2013

New Atlanta....Liars Everywhere! (Black Men Beware) pt 1

So, I recently ran across the ill-conceived, and totally unfortunate...especially for Black women, TV show, New Atlanta on Bravo. If you haven't killed brain cells trying to be entertained by the lackluster performances of the show that attempts, I think, to make the ATL look like a shallow and insipid New Orleans...then don't bother. It's a reality show that would be better served to actually give their characters scripts than to let them try to come up with crap to say, because in all reality, the White characters end up looking like stand-up, respectable individuals that you would want to hang out with and chill with on the weekend, while the Black Triangle...well they just look a H-A-M.

Why? Well, it's because of something very seemingly thoughtfully said by THE Black male character, that in reality isn't thoughtful...or truthful at all.

I sort of want to go through the scene....but then again, I begin to fall asleep and then get pissed in my dreams whenever I try to recount this BS, so instead I think I'll skip the pleasantries and get straight to the heart of the matter.

Commitment. OR, Committed Relationship, better known as monogamy...or if you're a Black guy...death by suffocation...smh.

The thing that was noted by the Black guy, was that he didn't want to be in one until he was ready to commit himself to a good woman, wholeheartedly. That sounded honest and sincere, until backed up by actions that completely said otherwise.

Guys, Black, White and Other....when you say you are not ready to be in a committed relationship, and are not ready to be about you NOT ask serious looking females on dates. THE End.

I mean seriously, because I can definitely tell the difference, as most females with eyes, the difference between a guy who is too young and immature to be in a committed relationship, they most of the time are in high school or college; and guys who just don't WANT a committed relationship. Because by the time you've reached your mid thirties and FORTIES...ahem, you can no longer claim, the "I'm too immature" defense. Not saying that you're not immature, but that bull just won't fly anymore, it's too full of S**t to get off the ground.

And for bigger reasons than anything else, saying you're not ready for a relationship at that age, is a cop-out. ESPECIALLY when you want to get all the benefits of a relationship with a female, you just don't want the expectations.

The reality and real-ness is simple, if you are not ready for a relationship, stop going on dates with females who clearly look like they see something in you besides a bed partner. STAY in your Whore-ish LANE. You don't want a relationship? Cool, there are plenty of hookers and strippers who don't want one either, and better yet, when your money leaves your hand to theirs at the end of the night, they won't come back to bother you with EXPECTATIONS. See...Everybody wins.

But instead, you say this "Truth" to a female and then proceed to treat her as if you actually want a relationship, until she raises the bar an inch for you, and then you bail for a female who will never dream of raising her expectations for you, because she doesn't think that highly of herself in the first place to even think that she deserves you. And this wouldn't be terrible, except, you then treat this female like crap, and show her your A** because you don't much respect her opinion of you BECAUSE she has no respect for herself.

Face it, guys, you are built to want to be seen as a MAN, as someone in whom others can count on, to be seen as a protector and champion. You are built to want this sort of appraisal from others who are equal to you, or from those who you respect greatly, so even if the female thinks you are the sun, moon and stars, if you don't see her as such, her praise will fall flat. So to put it mildly, if you ain't scared whitless that you'll fail, then you're not aiming high enough.

So, I can say this, with a bunch of caveats....smh, as crazy, and I do mean bat-s**t CRAZY, Kanye West is, for now and maybe forever more, Kanye apparently respects Kim Kardashian. His stupid and ill-advised rants against Vogue Magazine editor, Anna Wintour, are just that....really ill-advised. And the fact that he thought taking a shot at our beautiful First Lady would in any way gain him favor or make him sound sensible....was stupid (sorry I can't seem to come up with any other verbs right now, I'm THAT Flabbergasted....really). BUT.....but, the tiny and almost insignificant redeeming quality to all of this is, is Kanye's resolve that Kim K, in his eyes, is worth looking like a complete and utter fool for. That's something.

Lesson hopefully Learned?
Look for your equal, and be ready to fight for her, and stop hiding behind high school excuses for why you can't commit, take the plunge or pay for a hooker. #Dropsthemike LOL.

As a PS.....Do I want to be Kim K....Hades no...and Heaven forbid. But I can at least give some credence that maybe in some small way, she has finally met her equal, and that perhaps they truly do love and respect each other, at least that is my hope. Because really, nobody wants a bitter and heartbroken Kanye on the loose....NOBODY.


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