Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So You're a Virgin Eh??

I feel like I haven't shared enough about my recent conversations....and as they crack me up, I do sincerelly hope that relaying them here, won't ruin their humor.

As it so happens, the state of my va-jay-jay has for some reason been the hot topic of conversation between myself and quite a few of the guys that I work with. There are many reasons why, but the main one is, because no one actually believes me.

I mean they believe that it's possible...I mean they know that they know of NO -ONE who has claimed to have gone out with me, let alone slept with me. But the fact that I'd be unashamed in claiming my own personal ignorance of the act first what seems to boggle their minds.

It's as if society really has brainwashed them into believing that a female who has not had sex by the time she's gotten out of college really SHOULD be ashamed of such a feat, or at least SHOULD try to act like she's done it, or came close. That, this fact of never having had sex will automatically place a scarlett letter on my chest stating that I am Unwanted, and completely Undesireable. LOL!!!

Ah, the humor in it all. I mean I guess.

In actuality I wish I could have put a letter on my chest in highschool and throughout college stating the fact that I was an "UN" person. It would have saved me a lot of gross and embarrassing moments with guys who I wanted to throw up on. From blowing on my kneck, to touching my thigh, to propositions are us...I never got weak kneed about such things... a weak stomach, but never my knees.

So the opportunities were there, but my well documented hang-ups where sex was concerned left my va-jay-jay untouched and my heart unscathed. In other words I am thankful for it all.

So back to my original rant on the seems as though the reaction that I get from guys is related more to the fact....that I am proud of my status.

Additionally, these guys go from being surprised, to the more socially acceptable "Proud" of my....'accomplishment'???? Like NOT doing something should be commended or something...smh.

And this commendation WOULD be OK....if it weren't for the fact that immediately after them laying such lavish praise on me, the guys generally turn into inquisitioners from the Holy War. Seriously.

From the more mundane questions of why I have chosen to remain a virgin; to the more salacious questions of do I get turned on when I see a good looking guy...really THAT was a question....sometimes I feel as if I'm answering questions through a haze of thoughts leading to---- --nowhere. FAST.

Because the end of all of their questions tend to be going towards them figuring out when I plan to give away my V-Card. Which is hilarious to me. Because not 5 seconds before I was being lauded as a female of virtue and now I'm being admonished to hurry up and get rid of the offensive and foul smelling chastity belt. LOL.

It does get worse when I relay that I have never been in a relationship, but the questions generally remain focused on yeah.

Not to worry though, I'm made from strong stock, and have been through these types of fires often enough. Almost to the point that such inquiries barely cause me to blink an eyelash. I love my state of being, and am confident that being a virgin won't and doesn't diminish my feminity, nor my sexual nature. Both are intact. Thank You...and are waiting for my Prince...if he exists :-)


  1. I really admire your confidence. Good for you for not feeling bad or pressured into doing something that you don't want to do. I can only hope that there are young girls out there reading this and taking note.

  2. I hope so as well, it's not worth it to allow others to make decisions for you.....beyond that though thanks for the compliments!!!! I have to admit though, I LOVE doing the unexpected, and bucking the trends so yeah :-)

  3. No new posts in a while, huh. Have you heard about TLC's new show "The Virgin Diaries"? It's receiving a lot of press because of the awkward first kiss a married couple exchange with one another on their wedding day.

    I leave the link below.

  4. Thanks Ms. Aritul!!!

    I saw a bit of it, and although I wanted to watch, I also believed the whole thing would be way too painful to watch as the show clearly finds socially awkward individuals for their show....well some of them anyway. :-) Personally I prefer watching the NFL version in Tim Tebow. His story actually uplifts and makes me hope again in decent guys being out there....for the most part anyway. :-D

  5. You know, I had completely forgotten about Tebow! Yes, the people on the show were amazingly awkward, but I bet that they would have provided you with great fodder on which to comment.

  6. You're probably in I do believe 100% you are right :-)....I promise to look further into the show, PROMISE!!!
    I do have a story to relate, so definitely let me know what you think, bc it is controversial and not in my usual line of thoughts....But I think highly important! It should be up before 5pm EST