Friday, February 17, 2012

Tithing For a Husband....

I was watching BET's series The Game the other night...perhaps last week, when I noted a rather disturbing scene.

In it Melanie was writing her "weekly tithing wish" on the sizeable check that she was filling out to give to the Church that week. In her mind, if she tithed, and tithed big, then God would reward her with her a Genie, or Santa.

I thouhgt it a sad scene until a friend of mine, *Kallie* related this story to me.

It goes like this, Kallie was at this book club with some other single Black females, and the subject of God and getting a husband came up. Basically to the tune that these females were hurt and frustrated that they were doing all of the right things and still without husbands at their ages.

Moreover, they lay the blame or at least part of it, at God's feet since they were all Church going, God-fearing, tithing women. They were doing what they needed to do, now where was God with His end of the bargain?...

I'll submit that God is giving an answer, that too many of us don't ascribe to God, but should. He is saying either, "Not right now", or "No".

The flabbergasting part for Kallie was, was that she offered that bit of information to the women, and she was promptly shot down.

The sad truth is that these women either believed that God was laughing at their distress, or that the men that these women wanted were not bending to God's will.

Both excuses, come up lame and lacking in true logic.

Because in the end, either you are or you are not praying and tithing to the All-Knowing, All-Powerful and All-Loving being that we, Christians call God.

Either He has all of these attributes and you are wrong, or God really is weak, and cannot deliver on His promises; is deaf and so has not heard your cry for a husband; or is spiteful and really loves seeing you in pain.

If it is the former, then you, and I and WE are wrong, all of us who believe that we know what will make our lives complete and whole. We are in error when we blame God for our troubles and weep bitterly because He seemingly has not answered our prayers.

If He has all of these attributes, then perhaps we must submit to the fact that perhaps He knows something about us, that will not fit with a marriage. Perhaps He Loves us too much too allow us to be beaten or raped by someone we think we lover. Perhaps He is allowing us to make choices that show Him that we are not ready for a relationship because we cannot even submit to His perfect will for us and He knows, therefore, that we would never submit to a man's imperfect will.

Perhaps He does have our best interest at heart, and He is working on the man who is not yet ready for us...and until then He is giving us chances to be free and single to focus on our relationship with HIM until the time is right.....maybe???

But if you reject that and instead choose the latter, that God really is NOT who He says He is...then...not to be funny, why are you giving your money to a liar?

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