Monday, February 13, 2012

I Do NoT Like Sensitive guys...!

In a weird and gross game of 6-degrees of separation, I have come to some great conclusions...

First off, if every guy you are drawn to, was more excited about the Madonna Halftime show that the Superbowl itself...then you can NOT walk around saying that you DON'T like Sensitive guys. Just face the music and move on. can either be fan of a guy from afar or you can become his friend, but you canNOT pretend the guy has picture perfect characteristics and then get disappointed when reality chimes in to rue the day.

These realization came from conversations I've had with a good friend who insisted that a certain guy, whom she had never met, was THE perfect man. She insisted that because she was super attracted to his looks that he must be a good guy with upstanding morals, who listened to William McDowell, went to Church every Sunday and was an all around responsible guy.

This stuck like glue, in fact, until she saw his Twitter

N******* this and N******** that had my friend cringing, and his interests didn't help.

Now if you asked her outright who she's attracted to...she'd tell you that she's attracted to thugs....with heart. SMH. Which only makes this whole thing more insane to think about. Because what does a thug with heart look like???? According to her, he's a nice guy *gag* who has rough edges. And if this were true, then, his Twitter feed shouldn't have counted against him.

Except it did. Which just went to show that she actually likes nice guys.

She actually prefers guys who are clean-cut, and any scars on their bodies are from the surgeons scalpel and all tats are from sterilized guns in a reputable tatoo parlor. If these guys rap, they sound like Drake not Snoop.

But she'll have none of that, insisting that every guy she likes is "hard", while I try to hold a straight face.

I promise, I'm not laughing at those guys...they are who they are. Whether they love Shakespeare, Kanye, Kobe, Eli, Kim K or any other embarrassing like in my book. It makes no difference if you are comfortable in your own skin. A guy who knows himself and is confident in himself is the most attractive asset a guy can have. Everything else is just in addition to this fact.

In fact I laugh at the ridiculousness of my friends at times. Admit the truth and love whoever it is that you love, but don't try to tell me that the sky is green when I know it's blue. lol :-)


  1. A thug with a heart? I will never understand some people.

    1. You are completely right :-) LOL!!!!! I do think she's coming round though...hahaha.