Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Virgin Diaries....

What really is there to say about an idea that I'd like to think was mine, that got put on Prime Time TV and made in the most horrible fashion possible....?? No really I'm looking for an answer here...honestly.

This show was first brought to my attention by an accidental watching of Entertainment Tonight a few weeks ago, and I knew immediately that I did NOT want to get any closer to that show than I had to. But upon encouragement for what was sure to be great fodder for this Blog, I watched the Trailer, well most of the trailer. I mean I am not for embarrassing moments, and the last half of the trailer was exactly that...embarrassing, and I didn't even have to watch it to know (I put my hands over my eyes).

And while I aplaud the idea, I hate the execution or lack thereof for this mockumentary. A show like this could have actually been informative to young people, presenting an alternative to the drop your pants and open your legs as soon as you're legal approach that seemingly every other show on TV promotes.

This show could have sparked actual conversations about why people wait, and the misguided notions that some virgins have about sex and relationships. It could have done A LOT. Instead it went for the cheap thrills and staged awkward moments that reality TV is most known for.

A real darned shame. What could have been.....

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  1. name is Kimberley Johnson. My mother and I created a book titled The Virgin relation to the TLC show. TVD was created FOR virgins and focuses on the emotional aspect of first time sex. The part no one really ever tells you about. I interviewed 72 men and women on how it was for them. I would like to communicate with you some more on this if you're interested.
    If so, please email me and we can talk further.