Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cliff's Notes

The popular notion these days is, is that if you haven't had sex as a female, it's because you weren't deemed worthy,(pretty), enough to be propositioned or asked. Same with dating. If you're a guy and the same is true, it's because you're too chicken to pull the trigger....I do not concur with these stupidly simplified explanations.

I mean I have been hit on while jogging in my neighborhood, and I've been asked, "So, how much would you pay me to bring you pleasure?", while wearing an Aunt Jemima scarf tied around my head.

Needless to say, the opportunity was there, I was just too mortified by the lack of respect that I never even considered the word "yes" in either case.

And I think this is how I've remained a virgin for so long. I see disrespect where others see flirtation....oh well.

A guy, who I've just met, telling me that my butt is fat, thinking that he is giving me a compliment, might get a sidelong glance that says, "I am not adverse to my knee finding out if you're wearing a cup or not".

Let's be real here,at the time, which was not too long ago, I was already a bit gun shy because I didn't think that I'd enjoy sex, and for some dude to suggestively imply that that was all I was good for would piss me off!!

I know, I know, how could any guy know that I was THAT grossed out by the idea of me having sex?
Don't know, AND care(d) even less.

I don't know if you're an a-hole by looking at you, and you can't tell if I'm the anti-nympho by looking at me. LOL

In any case, this kept me crab and STD free throughout highschool and college, and I am happy for it!!!

No, I no longer can claim that I am grossed out anymore, but I do have an appreciation for the act that leaves it in an area that I am not willing to travel to unless I am married.

Does this mean I could end up dying as the VirginDoll....yep, and I'm ok with that :-)


  1. Why did you call it Cliff's Notes?

  2. Mostly because I was rehashing old a shorter version. :-)