Thursday, June 2, 2011

P!nk - F***ing Perfect

I'm pretty sure I am not supposed to like this song...well, no that's not what I meant to say. What I meant to say, is that I am pretty sure I am not supposed to like the explicit version better than the clean one...and I can't say that I do....exactly, but I do like to fill in the astericks because this song is PERFECT.

It is, the type of song, that I have been playing on repeat1 for almost a full week now, as I have been battling with my own demons. You know, worthlessness and all that jazz. I literally listen to her to wake up in the mornings sometimes...just to get out of bed. And although I could go on about my own bouts of and battles with depression, this post is not about that. It's about the healing power of music.

To say that P!nk is one of my favorite artists, is to deny the fact, that she is my FAVORITE attist overall for the truth and the vulnerability that she puts into her music. She screams and sings about her broken heart and marriage (at the time) in such a way that it feels like we all are going through the exact same thing, even if we have no idea of the events that precipitated the song.

But in Perfect....P!nk does more than just sing about the very core of most issues, she takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions and leaves us panting for breath with the knowledge that it is possible to overcome our own view of our mediocrity. This song is what Christina Aguilera's Beautiful was trying to gives hope where there previously was none. And i know that it is a subjective view to say so, but "Beautiful" left a void in the fact that doubt still lived even though the song tried to uplift. "Perfect", though, gives no doubt to the strength of the love that we all feel for some other human being. It leaves not a smidgen of doubt as to the passion that it wants us all to feel. Driven on by strings (violins perhaps), it marches toward victory in the final notes and leaves us in a better place than it picked us up.

 If you haven't enjoyed the song yourself a favor and listen to the lyrics.

You don't have to become a P!nk fan, but do become your own fan...Love~ The VirginDoll

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