Monday, June 21, 2010

I am one angry little witch...really!

So, my Celtics lose, and I refuse to watch Sports Center, or anything on ESPN for like two days following the lose because my feelings are soooo hurt!! But I'm ok with the lose once I realize that the starting lineup from 2008 have still never lost a I'm ok.

But, don't ya know, some non-basketball knowing men gotta open their mouths and piss me off.

I know it must hurt that I actually work with and admire the very guys that you wish you were, but don't get pissy with me because YOU"RE wrong and can't admit it because I'm a girl. DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT try and tell me the sky is green when I know it's Blue!!!

And do not tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about just because your ego got hurt because you in fact had no idea what you were talking about, when I did.

So if in the next few months it seems like I'm avoiding talking or even looking at you, it's because I am...I don't talk to losers.

.....UGGHHHH!!! Ok that last part was a bit harsh...but really this is why I need someone who actually has played, football, baseball, hockey, doesn't matter, at a Division 1 Level, because I can't stand talking with guys who are so insecure in their open playing abilities that they can't have an honest conversation with me about the validity of replay in Baseball games. Or, how the zone defense is actually a weaker defense in every sport where it would proper to call it a zone.

Bottom line is, I cannot respect a man, whom I feel knows less than me because he has demonstrated his lack of sports knowledge by claiming that the shortstop holds down the 5 spot on the defensive chart....yeah...not really...

I need someone who actually breathes sports and respects most of the games played on ESPN and ESPNU, I need someone with whom I will feel comfortable leaving the remote in his hand on a Saturday in October, because I know that he will never allow commercials to appear on our flat screen TV.

I need to know that I don't have to defend Doc Rivers, because my man will do so to all of his friends because he knows that Doc is just as good a Coach as PJ. I need a confidant man who loves me, and sports, not a cocky guy who is insecure in all that he does, I refuse to babysit your emotions...done.

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